Messaging and Branding for Wellness Businesses

“I create powerful and authentic business branding and messaging that instantly connects with your customers.”

It’s exciting! You’re about to launch your wellness business and you need to write your website, or perhaps your first Blog. What are you going to say? Who will be reading it? And what do they want to hear from you?

These are all important questions – but do you have the answers? I can help you find them.

I offer tailored sessions to develop meaningful messaging and branding for wellness businesses, holistic practitioners and conscious entrepreneurs.

Authentic Business Branding

Are you ready to create a brand that will help your wellness business stand out from the crowd? Then you’re in the right place, because I love creating meaningful branding for wellness and conscious businesses. Why? Because I believe an authentic business deserves a powerful and engaging brand.

Your brand is all about you and your business. It represents who you are, what you offer and why you’re unique. So, how do we find out what your brand is?

I offer tailored branding sessions that will help you become clear about your business brand and how to connect more closely with your customers. We will look at all the aspects of your business, from your vision and mission to your products and services. We will review your competitors and will explore what makes you different, and special, compared to them.

We will also create your unique customer avatar that will help you connect more authentically with your ideal customer. And lastly, we will identify your tone of voice and communication style that will influence your copywriting moving forward. It’s one, big creative journey that will deliver you a truly meaningful business brand.

After the session, you will receive a brand strategy and creative brief that will set the direction for all your marketing and communications activities. And, when you combine this with my Meaningful Messaging Sessions below, you get a powerful communications formula to truly set you apart.

What’s included?

  • an initial phone or Skype meeting with me to discuss your needs
  • a business brief to be completed by you
  • a 2-hour face-to-face or Skype branding session
  • a brand strategy and creative brief document

If you’re ready to create your powerful and authentic business brand, contact me today! 

Meaningful Messaging

The time has come for you to write that important website copy, Blog or brochure – are you clear about what your key messages are? Do you know who your readers are and what they need to hear from you? It’s the answers to these questions, and more, that help you determine your key communications messages.

But where do you start? With one of my Meaningful Messaging sessions. Why meaningful? Because you’re a business with meaning who needs clear and targeted messages.

During the session, we will look at who your target audiences are and what their needs are. Then we will develop your communications messages in a way that addresses your audiences’ needs. It’s that simple and it really works.

By knowing what your key messages are, and how to address your audiences’ needs, you gain clarity about your communications activities. Your website has purpose, your Blog has power, and your brochure has impact.

After the session, you will receive a Messaging Strategy that you can use to maximise all your communications moving forward. It’s a must-have for any business who wants to truly engage their clients and customers.

What’s included?

  • an initial phone or Skype meeting with me to discuss your needs
  • a business brief to be completed by you
  • a 2 hour face-to-face or Skype messaging session
  • a messaging strategy document

I can run either of these sessions separately, or together as one big branding and messaging session. Contact me to get a tailored quote for your business.

“Tanya is incredibly unique in that she can move between the wellness and intuitive worlds, to the business world, with ease. She brought her many years of knowledge and experience to the table; and was able to meet my needs in a professional, yet open and friendly way. She understood what I was trying to achieve and was able to help me craft clear messages that made sense to me and my ideal clients.”

Jacqui Cooper, Way of Wellbeing

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